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Chihuahua Summer Care Essentials 2021

When summer hits the door, all we care about is how to protect our Chis from, what it seems, endless heatwaves and ensure they are as happy as ever. Vacations, walks, and even playing, both outside and inside, starts being more challenging when the temperatures go wild. But worry not, 'cause we bring you Chihuahua summer care essentials that will help you keep your Chihuahua safe and sound this summer. Let's see what you can do to level up your Chi summer care. What Are Chihuahua Summer Care Essentials? Just like us, humans, Chis need summer protection in various ways. Optimal temperature for a Chihuahua is 70 degrees. So, you get the idea. In summer, when the temperatures rise up...

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8 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Sleep So Much

You've recently noticed that your Chihuahua spends more time sleeping than usual? What could that be? Is she okay? Is there a problem you still can't see or is it just a phase? Tis' the spot to find out why Chihuahuas sleep so much. Is it just because they are bored? Is it possible they get tired so easily? Or is there a health issue undercover? Keep reading to find out. Why Chihuahuas Sleep So Much? Being the tiny little creatures they are, Chihuahuas spend a lot of energy daily. Their energy levels are high, but constant and intensive physical activity wears them out. Chis are crazy about physical activities, walks, attention, and affection. But they are also prone to...

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Chihuahua Foods To Avoid (The Complete Guide)

What foods you should not feed your Chihuahua? Great question! Even though it's hard to resist their puppy eyes as you eat your delicious meal, you must be aware that not all human food is good for your dog. In fact, some of it can be extremely dangerous to your Chihuahua's health and even have lethal consequences. This time we bring you: The list of Chihuahua foods to avoid at any cost  The food Chis can eat only in a limited amount  The human food you can feed them freely Many human foods are totally safe for Chihuahuas, but some foods and ingredients can be potentially harmful to their tiny little bodies. One of them is salt. When consumed, salt...

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