Chihuahua Summer Care Essentials 2023

Chihuahua Summer Care Essentials 2023

When summer hits the door, all we care about is how to protect our Chis from, what it seems, endless heatwaves and ensure they are as happy as ever. Vacations, walks, and even playing, both outside and inside, starts being more challenging when the temperatures go wild. But worry not, 'cause we bring you Chihuahua summer care essentials that will help you keep your Chihuahua safe and sound this summer.

Let's see what you can do to level up your Chi summer care.

What Are Chihuahua Summer Care Essentials?

Just like us, humans, Chis need summer protection in various ways. Optimal temperature for a Chihuahua is 70 degrees. So, you get the idea. In summer, when the temperatures rise up to 95 degrees, it's difficult to make your Chi comfortable, especially if you live in a seasonal hot areas. But here are a few tips of how you can do it.

Hydration, hydration, hydration.

We can't stress enough how important it is to keep your Chi hydrated. And we guess we don't need to.

Chihuahuas usually drink an ounce of water per day but feel free to double up that amount during summer.

Make sure you always carry a portable water bottle wherever you go. This way, your Chi is super hydrated all day.

This Chihuahua Water Bottle is a great option for walks, plays in the park, and traveling as it is not just a water but also food container. Whenever your Chi gets tired and needs enegry booster, here is the perfect solution to keep them full-fed.


Protect their paws

Ever tried walking on the hot summer pavement? You can't, right? It's too hot, it burns your feet. The same is with your little one.

Protect the skin they're in.

A Chihuahua's pain tolerance reaches 120 degrees, and burns happen around 135. Pretty close, huh?

Concrete or brick pavements can reach as high as 140 degrees in summer, so your Chi needs Outdoor Waterproof Paw Wear.

Whether you are in the city or on vacation by the sea, make sure your Chi's paws are protected from the scorching summer grounds.

Keep you Chi cool

Ever tried a cooling bandana? 

This must be a part of  your Chihuahua summer care essentials kit. You can thank us later.

With the Instant Ice Cooling Bandana, you don't need to worry about your Chihuahua being overheated. Made of cooling technology fabric, it reduces Chihuahua body temperature and prevents heat shock and heatstroke.

Make your Chihuahua vacation ready

Going on a vacation with your Chi? Great! Here's what you need:

1. Pet Adjustable Car Seat Belt

Safety above everything. Make sure your Chi is safe and secure while you hit that road to the wanted destination.

As Chis can get a bit overexcited when in the car, you want to make sure they won't distract you from driving or end up injured hopping around a moving car.

The doggo seat belt is a secure way to have an enjoyable and safe ride.

2. Safe Waterproof Car Seat

In case you want to level up your car game, here's the perfect solution.

A safe car seat is just perfect for traveling with your little one.

Shaped like a box and waterproof, it will protect your Chi during a ride, from shedding, wet fur if you're returning from the beach, and of course, protect you as a driver from distraction.

3. Shark Chihuahua Safety Life Jacket

Wondering can Chihuahuas swim? We have written about all the things you need to know before going to the beach.

One of them for sure is the safety life jacket to use at least at the beginning of your swimming sessions.

Safety life jackets are great if your Chihuahua is meeting the water for the first time and needs to get accustomed to it.

Is your beach bag big enough?

Going to the beach with a doggo is like taking kids outside. You need to be prepared and all-situations ready, right?

Equip yourself with a bag that can carry all the Chihuahua summer care essentials.

Be it toys, water and food containers, towels or clothes, everything should be within your reach at any time.

Get your Chi a cooling mat

Wanna keep your Chi cool and comfortable? A cooling mat is a must.

Make your Chi a cozy little corner where they can just chill a bit when the heat gets too much.

Take it to the beach, and while you sunbathe on your easy chair, your Chihuahua has its space to cool off in the shade.

Wear a hat

Summer temperatures can be merciless. Protect your Chihuahua as much as you can.

One of the adorable ways to do that is this Chihuahua hat.

It is specially designed for chihuahuas to shield them from the sun while still looking their best.

To sum it up...

These were the Chihuahua summer care essentials to keep an eye on this year. When summer kicks in, protection kicks even harder.

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