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Dog beds & Houses

Like every dog, a chihuahua needs a sense of "having its own personal space", and these beautiful dog houses and beds provide that. This is the place where chihuahuas feels protected and cared for, as it has a special home inside your own home. Also, chihuahuas are very sensitive to cold, and these beds and small houses will provide insulation from the coldness of the floor.

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Chihuahuas spend most of their time sleeping. It is even normal for an adult Chihuahua to spend more than 12 hours sleeping. For these reasons, it is very important where your little doggy spends that time.

We present you the best beds and houses of 2020!

In our shop you can find a large assortment of beds. Although our beds are specialized and made for Chihuahuas, other small types of dogs would surely enjoy them as well. Even cats.

If you want to have a house for your dog, which can also be a bed, then our Chihuahua Tent House or Chihuahua gray/white tent is the choice for you. These houses can be a real little place for rest and sleep. In addition, the huge space guarantees plenty of space for toys.

The ChihuahuaWeLove® cuddler Bed has won the hearts of all dog owners. The warmth and practicality of this bed is something that leaves everybody amazed.

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