10 Life Hacks for Chihuahua Puppy Owners

10 Life Hacks for Chihuahua Puppy Owners

What makes life easier? Your family and Chihuahua pup sometimes surely don't, but they make it amazing. Want to know what else makes it even more awesome? 10 life hacks for Chihuahua puppy owners that we are going to share with you in this article.

Over the years, you've certainly encountered numerous situations where keeping a Chihuahua, and being good parents to them had its challenges.

Great news! With these tips and tricks, your life is about to get way easier, and your time saved.

So, let's dive into the matter.

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Life Hack 1 - Clean your furniture from the dog shed

Owning both short and long-haired doggos can take its toll. You just can't vacuum your house every day to keep it clear off the dog shed, can you?

But here's what you can do!

Use rubber gloves or dryer sheets. Both of these will do, so you can use whichever you prefer more. Take rubber gloves or dryer sheets and run them over material or fabric you want to remove your doggos' hair off. It's awesome how quickly hair gets attached to them and makes your sofa look great again.

No lint roller? Packing tape is your best friend. Take a bit of a packing tape, roll it over your hand, but make sure the sticky side is on the outside, and just tap the places you want to remove the shed from.

Apart from this life hack, you can prevent your Chi from shedding too much with a silicone grooming glove by just running it once a day over your Chihuahua fur and remove stray hair.

Life Hack 2 - Make a personal pet bed

chihuahua bed

Buying your Chi a pet bed is not on the list of your priorities right now? No money, no problem. You can make one on your own.

Take a smaller pillow and an old sweatshirt. With a few sewing skills you can make a pet bed, and with a personal touch.

If you're up for more creative ones, these will surely catch your attention.

Life Hack 3 - Alternate your Chi's toys

Got a playful dog, but they easily get bored with toys? While it's completely normal, that just like kids, dogs get fed up with their old toys, that doesn't mean you have to constantly spend money buying new ones.

Alternate the toys.

Let your princess cool off from that pink ball you got her two months ago. Then, after some time give it again to her. You'll see the vigor with which your Chi will play with it once they're united.

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Life Hack 4 - Check if your doggo has fleas

We're way into the spring, and there sure will be some time spent outdoors, playing in the parks. Here's another life hack for Chihuahua puppy owners. Don't forget to check your pooch's fur every now and then.

Take a white towel and lay your Chihuahua on it. Brush and examine their fur. The white towel will definitely show some flea residue if there are some.


Life Hack 5 - Get rid of unpleasant smells

There's no more unpleasant thing than when your doggo gets skunked, right? The smell is horrible, and you don't know how to get rid of it.

Here's what you can do. De-skunk your doggo with the things you have in your household. Take one large bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda, and two spoons of liquid soap. Pour it on your Chi's and massage it into their fur. Leave it for five minutes, rinse it off, et voila! The smell is gone never to return again.

Life Hack 6 - Clean pet urine off your things

While all dogs can be trained to go to the toilet or to signal when it's time to go outside, little slips can occur every now and then, especially if your Chi is still just a pup.

You don't want your furniture to smell like urine, right? Don't buy urine pet cleaners when you can do it with baking soda. It's cheaper and multipurpose.

In case your Chi just peed on your carpet, spill some soda over the drenched spot, wait for half an hour and just vacuum it up. The odor's gone, and your carpet clean again.

Life Hack 7 - Make pill pockets with peanut butter, milk and flour

Every once in a while, even though we don't want it, our Chis get sick and they need to take their medicine. If you have a pup who is not a fan of pills, here's a little tip to trick them into swallowing them.

Take half a cup of milk, half a cup of peanut butter, and 1 cup of flour. If, by any chance your princess is intolerant to wheat, you can use whatever type of flour suits best her needs. Also, if your prince is allergic to dairy, you can use water. Mix them up, and make perfect little pill beds that look like dog treats, and you're good to go. Your dog won't even realize it just took the medicine they so hated.

Life Hack 8 - Brush their teeth while they're playing

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Brushing your dogs teeth gives you trouble? Well, let them do it on their own.

Take any rope toy your doggo likes to play with and put some dog toothpaste on it. Let them chew it all they like. Next time they sink their teeth into something, they're be all shiny and clean.

Life Hack 9 - Take care of their paws in the winter

Winter surely can't and won't stop you from taking the necessary daily walks, but you sure need to protect your dog's paws.

The best thing you can do is put some boots on those cute little leggos, but some dogs don't like wearing dog footwear.

Spread some Vaseline on your Chi's paws to protect them from cold weather.

Life Hack 10 - Create your own First Aid Kit

Better be ready than sorry, right? Or some such thing...

Anyhow, as a rightful dog owner who loves their doggo to bits, there's just this thing that you must have. First Aid Kit.

Unfortunately, an accident can't be predicted, but you can be ready at any time. Make your own dog first aid kit that comes in handy whenever you need it, and we hope you won't.

These were the 10 life hacks for Chihuahua puppy owners that will make having a doggo so much easier. Make sure you try them out and see what works best for you.

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