The 5 Best Chihuahua Carriers that will make your life easier!

The 5 Best Chihuahua Carriers that will make your life easier!

If there is one thing that is a MUST HAVE for any small dog owner it is a Carrier. We have made a list of the 5 best Chihuahua carriers based on the comments of customers, but also veterinarians who are in charge of the health of our little friends.

When buying a Carrier, it is very important to pay attention to some things that do not occur to you at first. In addition to quality, the basic things you need to pay attention to are breathable fabric, longevity, and comfort to make your Chihuahua feel great at all times.

Hey, but Chihuahua’s have legs!

Yes, of course they do. And for these little pets, it is normal to walk as much as possible. As they are full of energy, it is very important that they have a lot of physical activity.


Try to remember how many events you wanted to take your prince/princess without being able to do so. Travel, Hiking, Climbing, Cycling… you know it better than us.

As much as we adore them, sometimes we cannot control their movement, which slows us down especially if we are in a hurry for some important events.

This is another reason for you to invest in a quality Carrier that will be at hand whenever you need it.

We have made a list of the 5 best Chihuahua Carriers that will make life easier for you and your pet. Trust us, you NEED at least one of these.

So, let's get started.

Classic Pet Carrier

If you need something simple and warm, the Classic Pet Carrier is our choice for you. This carrier is mostly for Chihuahua owners who are fans of the 80s and 90s. Of course, there is also a hole for your pet’s head, and this carrier is so warm that your chihuahua will feel like it’s summer even on some of the coldest days. We recommend it if you live in, or are visiting a country where it is cold most of the time.

Classic Chihuahua Carrier

Luxury Chihuahua Carrier

In fifth place is the LUXURY CARRIER. This carrier is the best we have found for various events and manifestations. Great for weddings and any kind of celebration. The luxurious look of this carrier will delight many, and your ChiChi will look like a real little prince/princess in it. It comes in two universal colors and will match with any of your wardrobe combinations, but enough about you!

It is much more important to know how your prince/princess will feel in this carrier. On the left, your dog will have her own small window, just big enough for her to pull her head through and follow the events around her. In addition to this window, there is a protected window in the middle of the carrier, which will provide enough air for your little Chihuahua at all times.

The manufacturers of this carrier thought of everything, so they also made a safety collar hook that is extra safe for your dog. However, one disadvantage of this carrier is that it is not very practical. You can forget about long walks, hiking or cycling with this carrier.

Luxury Chihuahua Carrier

Booster Seat

In this list we have included one carrier that you should have regardless of whether you have one of the other four carriers. We all usually spend most of our time in the car and on the road, and we all know what Chihuahuas are like when we don't take care of them while they are in the car.

This Booster Seat is a great way for you to go anywhere with your prince/princess without having any worries. The booster seat simply attaches to the car seat and your small pet is placed in the seat and hooked with the safety collar hook located inside the seat.

• Adjustable straps

• Perfect for pets up to 12 kg (in translate: perfect for Chihuahuas)

Chihuahua Car Seat

Chihuahua Front Backpack Carrier 

Here it is. If you are a fan of extreme sports, long walks, or cycling, we found a WINNER product for you. The Backpack Carrier is very simple and practical. It is easy to adjust and wear around the body and leaves no room for sudden movements for your Chihuahua.

What is very important is that the dog's head is outside, and its legs as well. Your dog will simply be able to enjoy the air and the view, and you can be sure that your little friend won’t even feel this elastic material on them.

This carrier also has a safety collar hook, but also a small hole for the tail so that your Chi won’t feel uncomfortable at any time.

Backpack Chihuahua Carrier

Pet Safe Travel Carrier

In a tough fight, this Carrier took the first place on our list. In our opinion this carrier has all the best qualities of the other carriers combined, and therefore it is the best of the best.

It is suitable and practical for various events, but it is also adapted for everything you want to do. It is very comfortable for both the owner and the Chihuahua, and maintaining this carrier is super easy. It even has a small phone compartment.

The Retractable Shoulder Strap is used to adjust height to the right size, while the shoulder strap is made of cushioned and breathable mesh, which can effectively reduce the damage to the shoulder. There is an Adjustable Neck Strap where you can adjust the opening for your Chihuahua.

This carrier is great for travel and adapts to you and your little pet perfectly.

Chihuahua Carrier

In conclusion...

Chihuahuas are very extreme dogs that are full of energy and should be allowed to play and walk as much as possible, but these carriers can be life saviors. Only Chihuahua owners know how difficult it can be to control them sometimes. It is up to you to choose the carrier that will suit you and your little pup best. Even if you are an opponent of the Chihuahua Carrier in general you will have to admit that at least one of these carriers is a MUST HAVE.

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