rarest chihuahua colors

Rare Chihuahua colors - These are the 5 rarest!

Yeah, Chis can be immensely cute the way they are. Being small with wide innocuous eyes, they already are huge pretenders to our hearts. Wanna know what will make your heart skip a beat once more? Rare Chihuahua colors! Let's dive into the world of rare Chihuahua breeds that will blow your mind!

Ever wondered how many different Chi colors and coat patterns there are? Well, from this moment on you may be at peace for Chihuahua Club of America has 30 + 16 different Chihuahua colors and markings listed out for you. But to keep the story short, because you surely have places to be and people to see, we have marked off top 5 rare Chi colors and coat patterns for you!

Rare Chihuahua colors – Number 5 - Solid Black

Believe it or not, though black is the dominant color when it comes to your Chi doggos, for every one of them has a 'B' gene in them, completely black Chihuahuas, without any markings whatsoever on their fur are a rare sight to lay your eyes on.

But how is black Chihuahua different from other Chi breeds?

Though our princes and princesses are gentle, loving, and the most charming dogs in the world, some superstitions say that black Chihuahua's temperament differs from other Chihuahua colors in that it is more aggressive towards humans and other dogs. They are believed to be prone to biting more frequently and developing anxiety upon being left alone by their owners.

So, if you are a proud parent of a beautiful little black Chi-Chi, make sure to train them well and raise them in a loving and caring environment.

Even though your pooch with its all-black fur is unique, we don't wanna burst your bubble, but you need to know that rare colors may bring along some health-related issues.

Health problems connected to black Chi-Chis can be:

And since your ChiChi pertains to the exclusive dog society so should their coat match the title they live by.

Good news here!

Black ChiChi's coat is extremely easy to maintain. Occasional brushing keeps their fur gleaming and shiny, and this Silicone Chihuahua Grooming Glove is about to become your best ally.

black rare chihuahua color

Rare Chihuahua colors – Number 4 – Merle

When it comes to rare coat patterns it's all about those genes, baby! So, symbolically, the 'M' gene is what brings the delight of seeing a merle Chihuahua.

But how does this color pattern occur? Let's put it this way. The 'M' guy we just mentioned actually is what makes the merle pattern by causing the color to dilute here and there, thus living darker spots in some places. The splotches can be of different shapes and sizes, and colors also.

Though you may not know this, merle Chi breed is a fairly young one. Actually, it first appeared some 15 years ago.

And, guess what!?

They are not purebred Chihuahua! Yeah, we thought you should know this.

The reason for this is because merle pattern usually occurs in bigger dogs, so chances are, if you want a merle ChiChi, you will get a bigger one.

But this is not the only possible problem tagging along with these dogs.

Health issues are much more common then you think, and due to the 'M' gene which acts as a sort of boss to other genes and gives itself the right to whiten them, that's what causes the problem. So, at this stage, it's safe to say that this gene situation may lead Merle Chis to become blind, deaf, or both.


Rare Chihuahua colors – Number 3 – Brindle

If by any chance you can't decide whether to adopt a little tiger or a Chihuahua – we have found a win-win situation – the so-called tiger-striped Chihuahua.

All jokes aside, unlike the merle, brindle Chihuahuas have been around for many years now. This is not the rarest Chihuahua, but it certainly is very difficult to find, because in order for a brindle puppy to be brought into the world, both its parents must carry the recessive brindle gene.

Brindle ChiChi is not exactly a breed as more of a color or coat pattern.

They can be found long or short-haired, though it's much more difficult to notice a brindle pattern on a long-haired Chihuahua.

Unlike the solid black Chihuahuas, the brindle's behavior is no different than a regular colored Chi.

rarest chihuahua colors

Rare Chihuahua colors – Number 2 – Lavender

If you happen to be a lavender fan then you will love this!

A lavender Chihuahua!

Odd as it may seem, lavender Chihuahuas do exist but at the expense of being extremely rare.

They are so rare to the point of not getting a lavender ChiChi even if both parents are lavender Chihuahuas.

Wondering what causes that almost blue-ish fur undertone? Well, guess what!? Genes again.

The diluting 'D' gene goes wild around genes that produce chocolate Chi color, et voila!

Another similar and as well rare Chi color is – lilac. Many people tend to think these two the same, but while lavender is a diluted chocolate, which makes a blue or silver-colored Chihuahua, lilac is more a combination of blue with red highlights.

rare chihuahua colors 

Rare Chihuahua colors - Number 1 – Snow White

And we have a winner!

Drums, please!

The rarest Chihuahua breed is snow white! No, not that Snow White, lol.

A pure white Chihuahua without any markings is the most rear Chihuahua breed for the sole reason of not being easy to produce. In order to get a white Chi, both of the parents must be white. They don't have black pigments in their genes whatsoever. Even their nose, ears, and nails are a light color, such as pink.

But, do not confuse an all-white Chihuahua with an albino one. They are not such close relatives, no.


What causes the 'whiteness' in pure white Chis is the 'sw' gene in combination with the 'cch' allele which determines the skin color.

And we specifically advise you not to argue with the genes and to keep your doggo's fur bright as snow with a Shower Pet Brush.

white chihuahua rarest chihuahua colors 

At the end of the day...

Having a specially-bred, rare-colored pooch may be a privilege and great happiness but it does not come without a cost.

When searching for a rare-patterned Chihuahua, be aware of all the potential tags it may bring along, such as health issues, or the fact that they are not pure-bred, if of course, that plays a significant role in your choosing. Any sign of a health issue should result in a visit to the vet.

But one thing is for sure, Chihuahuas we love!

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I have lilac beautiful girl

Simone Cradock

It’s rather sad to see these Chihuahua owners failing to spell their breeds name incorrectly “Chi wawa, chiwawa?” What the.. looks like a 2nd grader typed that, or Im betting they asked their 6 year old how to spell it. Like when they teach you how to sound out the words, “chi wawa,” totally makes sense then! Is there that many Chi owners that did not pass elementary/grade school? Boy there really is illiterate folks out there. Hope you guys get help, sucks to go about life, with the intelligence level of a 5th grader.
Our phones have a default feature that predicts the words we type beforehand and lists 3 possibilities each time a letter is typed. But I guess if you don’t know how to spell it correctly, you won’t pick the correct spelling…
For all those that read this the correct spelling is “Chihuahua.”

Jack Hoff

I have 5 white snow chihuahuas and 2 mino snow chihuahuas and a merel they are sweet and adorable


very interesting


A white Chihuahua are gorgeous. I seldom have seen one. I have a pure black chihuahua and just the other day a lady asked me what type of dog was he because he’s so small. Of course I said a Chihuahua, and she said she had never seen a black Chihuahua only brown ones. Another lady ask me what kind of cat was he unbelievable. He’s small but in no way does he looks like a cat ? I actually said do you really believe what you’re asking ?


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