why chihuahau shake

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much?

Being a novice owner of a Chihuahua is mostly fun and games, but, at times, our beloved little pets can give us quite a fright. For example, the other day, while you were walking your doggo, blissfully unaware of the moment that was about to come, you noticed something odd in your prince's behavior. Suddenly, he started trembling big time. And this you have noticed a lot in the past couple of days. So you started wondering, why Chihuahuas shake so much?

Well, tis the place to find out. In this article, we bring you the reasons behind your Chi's quivering. If you happen to be a Chi owner or plan to make yourself one, then keep reading because you will want to know this.

why chihuahua shake

Is my Chihuahua all right? 

As a breed, Chihuahuas tend to shake often, in any case, most than other dogs. And while there are many reasons for this, most of them benign, Chi owners should be careful, because sometimes this problem can be a sign of a health issue.

Without further ado, let's begin.

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much? – They're cold.

Naturally, the first thing you think of when you see an animal shake is that they're cold. And, without any doubt, you may be right.

Whether your Chihuahua is long or short-haired, it's a fact that any temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit means your pooch will probably start shaking. Fall and winter seasons are your Chi's shaking best friends, right?

So, next time when you take your girl out and about, make sure to put on some clothes on her. Keep your doggo warm and cozy with a cute warm doggo jacket.

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much? – They're scared.

Although Chihuahuas seem pretty fisty, yapping at anything or anyone that doesn't meet their liking standards, they too can get frightened and anxious.

Remember that time you Chihuhuahua did something inappropriate indoors, and before you started telling them off you noticed some shaking movements? That's exactly what we're talking about. The instant your doggo committed the “house crime” they knew they did something wrong, and in the process of waiting for their punishment, they started trembling for sheer anxiousness.

Fertile ground for the quivering situation can be encountering with a bigger doggo. Due to the lack in size, when in presence of larger canines, Chis tend to become a bit tense. Followed by the need to protect their territory, they can start shaking uncontrollably.

So, what can you do to ease the problem?

Next time your precious pet becomes an artist of a mischievous indoor deed, make sure not to be too harsh to them. Try to create a safe environment, teaching them kindly what they can and cannot do.

If so far you have noticed that your Chi cherishes strong feelings that are not in favor of big dogs, try to avoid situations where they can bump into them. On another note, make sure your pup is socially trained and aware of its surroundings. When trained, Chis can be perfectly sociable and well-behaved doggos.

why does chihuahua shake

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much? – They're excited

Okay, we get it. But what if my pet's shaking does not arise from negative feelings?

Good question!

Another reason for your Chihuahua to go fumbo trembo is – excitement. Just like us, humans, dogs tend to experience extreme happiness, and unlike us, show it without any hesitation.

If by any chance you make your pooch cheerful, you may notice their bod starts shaking.

Unfortunately, we don't want to cure this state of a doggo, and we only wish your the best of happy moments together.

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much? – They have low blood sugar

Have you ever heard of something called Hypoglycemia?

why chihuahua shake

A common health problem for all Chihuahuas is low blood sugar. About 10% of Chi doggos suffer from this issue. Some of the symptoms that may identify it are wobbly walk, glassy eyes, drooling, and plenty of shaking motions.

Besides taking your pooch to the vet to get him examined, as first aid, pour some sugared water down their throat. Also, you may use honey or maple syrup, or anything that is essentially sugar-saturated. Your Chi will thank you.

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much? – They're having an allergic reaction.

Speaking of health-related shaking, another reason that can trigger your Chihuahua to start shaking are allergies.

Allergic reactions may appear after the pet consumes food they don't usually eat or are unknowingly intolerant to. Also, environmental airborne allergens can cause your Chi's skin to react.

Just like us, Chis can fall victim to bad allergic reactions. Whether they eat something they're intolerant to or have skin rashes, it is of extreme importance to take them to the vet and get their blood or skin test.

In order to prevent further, potentially harmful, consequences, observe your doggo's shaking frequency.

Why Chihuahuas Shake So Much? – They've been poisoned.

We don't wanna burst your bubble, but there are some substances that have a poisonous effect on Chihuahuas' system. Among such substances are chocolate and cigarettes.

If you happen to notice that your Chihuahua started quivering after eating any of the above mentioned, followed by body weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, and seizures, make sure to transport them immediately to the vet.

In other words...

We hope this short “why Chihuahuas shake so much” guide has answered some of your questions, so next time, when you see your little one tremble, you are prepared for potentially serious situation.

Even though most of the time Chihuahuas shake for no apparent reason than the first three, it is important to be aware of the health-related aspects of shaking.  

Yours faithfully, Chihuahua We Love 

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