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Great things are on the way! Our store may be under construction but it's coming soon and it's going to be paw-some!


All of these items were tested on our own Chihuahua. We have Chihuahua sweaters, hoodies, jackets, coats, costumes, pajamas, shirts, and much more! Every item has a sizing chart and clear guidelines on how to measure your little prince/princess.

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Looking for clothes for your Chihuahua? Guess what! This is the dream store for you. Whether you are looking for a masquerade costume, or clothes for everyday use - We have it all.

If you are planning to spend your summer with your favorite doggy, our best-selling summer T-shirt is the ChihuahuaWeLove® Hawaiian Shirt. Your Chihuahua will get a new exotic look that will be the envy of many.

Are you thinking about Halloween and how your Chi can be the center of attention at a party? Try our Chihuahua Rabbit Costume or Chihuahua Student Costume. They are the best! A large part of our collection is dedicated to winter days and countries that are cold and rainy most of the time. If you find yourself there, check out our Reflective Safety Raincoat or Warm Fluorescent Jacket.

Here at ChihuahuaWeLove® we greatly appreciate a modern and luxurious look. Our Fancy Jacket is our first choice for the winter, and Luxury Robe is a piece of clothing that your Chihuahua will adore.

We recommend that you take a good look at the size guide on each product.