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It is very important that your Chihuahua is warm and still has that fashionable look. Introducing Chihuahua Sweatshirts. Our Sweatshirts are everything you need to make your little prince / princess look perfect. In our collection, you can find the largest range of Sweatshirts for Chihuahuas on the Internet.

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Sweatshirts are a great choice for any time of the day, month or year. Our collection consists of sweatshirts that have been checked and tested on our Chihuahuas. It is very important to us that we meet all the necessary standards, so that your Chi can enjoy them without any negative effects. We are sure that you will find your favorite in our collection.



It is very important that your little Chi is warm. Even in summer there are always days when it’s not bad that your little friend has extra warmth. If you want your little Chihuahua to have a luxurious look then our Chihuahua Princess Luxury Sweater is our choice for you.

Your favorite day is Saturday? It’s the day you can rest after a tough working week? Check out our Soft Saturday Sweatshirt.

Our brand has also made a sweatshirt that has several variations of the same material. You will not find this collection anywhere on the internet. Check out our ChihuahuaWeLove Soft Sweatshirt.