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AquaFloat Splash-Free Pet Hydration Bowl

AquaFloat Splash-Free Pet Hydration Bowl

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1. Customizable Sizes for Your Pet's Preference:

Type A: Measuring 225mm x 185mm x 78mm, this 1.5L bowl comes with a bottom non-skid pad for added stability.
Type B: Compact at 190mm x 181mm x 80mm, this 1L bowl is designed without a non-skid pad, providing a versatile option for various preferences.

2. Innovative Design for a Drier Experience:

Avoid Wet Saliva: Our slow feeder incorporates plates and water overflow holes to keep your pet's mouth dry and prevent yellowing.
Waterproof and Easy to Clean: The dual design of the waterproof frame and floating plate effectively prevents overflow, keeping your pet's drinking area clean. Easy disassembly ensures a hassle-free weekly cleaning routine.
3. Health-Conscious Design:

Slow Water Intake: The automatic adjustment floating plate design regulates your pet's drinking speed, preventing suffocation and vomiting.
Large Capacity: With dimensions designed for all-day hydration, our large-capacity bowl ensures your pet stays refreshed.

4. Versatile and Travel-Friendly:

Perfect for All Occasions: The splash-proof design guarantees a mess-free experience, even on bumpy roads.
Suitable for Various Environments: Whether at home, in the office, studio, or during outdoor activities, our AquaFloat Bowl is your pet's ideal companion for hydration on the go.
Invest in your pet's well-being with the AquaFloat Splash-Free Pet Hydration Bowl - where innovation meets convenience, providing a clean, controlled, and enjoyable drinking experience for your beloved companion






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