10 Awesome Chihuahua Gift Ideas in 2024

10 Awesome Chihuahua Gift Ideas in 2024

Looking for the perfect gift for a Chi or a Chihuahua lover friend? Say no more.

Today we bring you the ultimate no-brainer list of the 10 awesome Chihuahua gift ideas.


Because you don't need to sweat any minute longer over what to buy to a Chihuahua lover, or whether they would like it.

Be it a birthday, anniversary, or just a usual Tuesday, here are the top 10 Chihuahua gift ideas for everyone that just can't fail.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 1 – Personalized Chihuahua Collar

personalized chihuahua collar

Being tiny dogs with great character, every Chi deserves to shine. Let them show their attitude with bling.

Number one on our Chihuahua gifts list is this unique handmade personalized Chihuahua collar.

Let your Chi wear their name proudly around their neck. Coming in five different colors (white, pink, blue, red, and black), you will surely find the one that perfectly matches your princess' personality.

Want to know how to choose the color perfectly? Here's a mini-guide:

Is your Chi happy most of the time, with a light-hearted personality? White is your color.

If your Chi's personality is somewhat romantic and tender, constantly looking for cuddles. We believe pink is just the one you need.

For those moody and tempered little soldiers, we would suggest wearing the blue one.

If your Chi is a very energetic piece of fur then red is probably what you're looking for.

Got a Chi attitude bigger than life? Lol. Black is the perfect color to bring out that powerful mindset.

Sounds good?

Don't forget to check our collar guide and what others said about this product.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 2 – Chihuahua Jewelry

 chihuahua earrings

Got a friend who likes jewelry? Don't let them miss out on the Chihuahua pieces in their collection.

One of the most popular Chihuahua gifts among our Chi moms and dads are these Chihuahua We Love Earrings.

Looking for something they will get emotionally attached to? That's your gift.

Why we love them?

They come in three different colors: silver, gold, and rose gold, which makes them perfect for any occasion.

You know what's even better?


They're perfect to wear to work, party, walk, or a family gathering.

And there's more!

Matching with the earrings, don't skip the Chihuahua necklace that a Chihuahua lover simply can't resist.

This European handmade piece is perfect for all occasions and comes in a special packaging instantly ready to be gifted.

In case your loved one is a ring-wearer, check out the unusual design of the wrap Chihuahua ring. Handcrafted and stylish, they are just what will be the highlight of your friend's special day.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 3 - Silver Chihuahua Pendant

chihuahua pendant

If, on the other hand, you prefer real silver jewelry, here is this adorable silver Chihuahua pendant that will fit all those Pandora-like bracelets.

Exceptionally detailed and dimensional, it's clearly what any real Chihuahua lover needs.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 4 – Chihuahua Shirt

chihuahua x ray of heart

You just can't fail with a Chihuahua-inspired shirt.

You've just found a favorite new T-shirt or the perfect gift for a Chihuahua lover and in a LIMITED EDITION.

Searching for a purposeful and practical gift that will last? This 100% high-quality cotton-made shirt can be the best gift one can buy.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 5 – Chihuahua Shopping Bag

chihuahua shoping bag

Got a Chihuahua lover who cares for the environment? Show them you appreciate their activism with a Chihuahua shopping bag that will be with them everywhere they go.

Everyone's got that friend who adores shopping.

You know what's the second thing they're absolutely thrilled about?

A bag that's big enough to fit everything they need for the day.

That's why we have decided to create a Chi-inspired shopping bag that will fit every Chi lover's needs.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 6 – Chihuahua Pillow Covers

chihuahua pilow cover

Nothing better than decorating your personal space with the things you love the most.

Brighten the day to all Chihuahua moms and dads with a Chihuahua pillow cover.

We bring you 13 different variations of pillow covers, with universal color combinations that will be a fancy touch to all beds and couches.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 7 – Baby On Board Sticker

chihuahau sticker

They say gifts are the things we want but we never have the time to buy them. That's what friends are for.

Having a doggo means that, usually, we have to take them everywhere we go. In most cases, everywhere we go requires a car ride, at least a short one.

Help your loved one tell every other driver that there's a Chihuahua baby on board with a unique cool Baby On Board sticker.

In case you already have the main gift, this can be a cherry on top.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 8 – Chihuahua Doormat

chihuahua doormat

Looking for an unusual gift that a Chihuahua lover would certainly never expect?

Surprise them with a Chihuahua-print doormat.

Not only this doormat would make a hilarious and useful gift, but it will be a WOW effect on any entrance.

Think about it.

Chihuahua Gift Idea 9 – Best Friends Set

best friend bone set

We already know that doggos are man's best friend. But let's be honest.

Chihuahuas are the best of them all.

No better gift than the one Chihuahua owner can share with their furry best friend.

The Best Friend set comes with a half-bone necklace and pendant that is the perfect addition to your Chi's collar.

How cute is this?

Chihuahua Gift Idea 10 – Chihuahua Flip Flops

chihuahua flip flops

Summer is just two months away and it's time to think about all those special occasions that are just great for Chihuahua gifts like this.

Make a Chihuahua lover's summer special with a super comfy pair of Chihuahua-inspired flip-flops.

These unisex flip flops come in different sizes for both men and women. The only task you have is to find out which size fits best the loved Chihuahua lover you want to gift them to.

Has our ultimate list of 10 best Chihuahua gifts helped you decide yet?

We certainly already have some favorites. Visit Chihuahua We Love and pick yours!

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