10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds

Hello, Chihuahua lovers, and those who are about to become ones once they read this blog post we have created specifically to raise serotonin levels. Here is something that will make your heart skip a beat and your mood lift. Today we bring you the ultimate list of 10 cutest Chihuahua mixed breeds out there.

Only Chihuahua parents know how much joy and happiness a Chi can bring to a household, and if you ask them – these are the most adorable pets on planet Earth. Who's with us?

But, instead of focusing on purebred Chis, we bring you the combination of mother Nature's most enchanting little creatures along with their personality characteristics.

Even though these are designer dogs, you can find them in shelters, and our point is: adopt, don't buy.

DISCLAIMER: The rank position of any dog is, by all means, accidental. None of the consulted dogs has taken offense, as we couldn't decide which one was the cutest.

So, let's begin.

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chimeranian

chihuahua mix

This bundle of joy – known as Pomchi, Chi-Pom, or Pomahuahua – is, by far, the most adorable thing you have laid eyes on. They are a mix of purebred Chihuahua and Pomeranian.

If you or your family happen to be very active and playful, there goes your heart, as these little creatures are all but energy.

They are great apartment companions, and they love attention. So, if 'spare time' is not an unknown word to you, then you would be the perfect Chimeranian parent.

Although Chihuahuas are known to have numerous health problems, Pomchis' general health condition is excellent. However, common cold intolerance may be present, so dressing your doggo will keep them happy and healthy.

Luckily for you, Chihuahua We Love shop is your favorite place for shopping, as it offers a variety of stylish dog wear to spoil your pooch.


10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chug


Are you sure you're ready for this? 'Cause we're not.

The second best thing you saw today is 100% - the Chug. This precious little pooch is a mix of Chihuahua and the Pug. They can also be registered as Pughuahua, Pugwawa, or simply Chihuahua Pug.

Although they are petite, they have a strong character and, accordingly, an attitude of a big dog.

Energywise, they are slow-paced, family-oriented, and loyal, though parents need to take precautions when around kids, for they tend to become jumpy.

Chug owners also say Chugs tend to act silly and are great at making you smile.

On the other hand, these doggos are prone to weight gain, so owners are advised to be vigilant with their diet.


10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Cheagle


Fans of beagle and small dogs, where you at?

Another one of a family-friendly doggos is a cross of Chi and Beagle.

Well, hello, precious little thing!

Being the perfect combo of Beagle and Chihuahua parent, this hybrid is an affectionate and loving, highly kid-friendly pet that your little ones will adore.

Are you a cuddler? Then we have a match. Cheagle is a doggo "tailed" to your needs.

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chiweenie

Chiweenie chihuahua

Chiweenie is a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund. How adorable, right? With its body of Dach parent and the head of Chihuahua, it makes the perfect combination of both parents.

They excel in being loyal and energetic, though their downside may be their tendency to get yappy and not so easy to train.

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chizer

Chizer chihuahua

What happens when you cross a Mexican and a German? The result most certainly satisfies your eyes and heart as you get Chizer. Chizers are a hybrid of Chihuahua and Miniature Schnauzer.

Though they are immensely cute, parents should take precautions when having Chizers around kids. Their Chihuahua gene may result in bringing out some bad mood when around children who don't know how to play with them. If you are thinking of getting a Chizer, it's best to do it while they're still puppies.

In addition to that, they prefer to bond with just one person and may become reserved with other people who are not part of your household. 

But if love is only that matters to you, then love you will get, as Chizers are sweet and gentle once they get to know you. They need affection and love being cuddled, hugged, and kissed.

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chion


We don't know about you, but we adore long-haired doggos, and if by any chance you are a fan of furry Chis, then Chion is the perfect mix for you.

This breed is a mix of Chihuahua and Papillon. You can also google them as Chi-a-Pap, Pap-Chi, or Papihuahua.

Wanna dog with an attitude?  Welcome you are!

Chions are intelligent and self-assured, and accordingly, they are pretty adaptable when in different surroundings. They are playful and active and get along well with kids and other dogs and cats.

So, if you are both a cat and dog person, Chion would not pose a problem to your other pets.

Et voila! One happy family.

On another note, due to their long hair, they are not too easy to groom, so if you are a novice owner you may need some assistance. Here's a guide on how to groom a long-haired Chi.

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – French Bullhuahua

french bulhauhua

Another family-friendly little pooch is French Bullhuahua. This breed is a mix of Chi and French Bulldog. They can also go under the names of Chibull, Mexican Frenchie, and Frecheenie.

Besides being great with kids, these pups are loyal and brave. You get the right companion that will have your kids' back.

On another note, they are pretty vocal and sometimes tend to get a little bit yappy.

Living in an apartment doesn't pose a problem to them, but they don't like being left alone and need a lot of love and affection. They are intolerant to cold weather, so a nice little piece of dog wear, such as a warm winter sweater, will serve its purpose.


10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chipoo


Looking for a sweetheart out of a doggo? We may have found it for you!

This loving, affectionate, playful, and protective little prince is called Chipoo. They are a mix of Chihuahua and Poodle, and also called Poochi.

Poochis are perfect for a family environment. Your kids will adore them as Chipoos get excited easily and love to engage in playful activities.

10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chorkie

Oh, come oon? Really?

This endlessly charming little darling is a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkshire Terrier.  If being cute measured with how many alternative names they've got, then they may be the cutest so far, for you can find them as Chiorkie, York Chi, Chiyorkie, Yorkie-chi, Yorkiechi, Yorkchi.

York Chis are devoted, fun-loving, and easy-going. They love attention and give love in return.

If you are a novice owner, then you will hit the jackpot with this little pooch. They don't shed too much and are easy to groom, but, like many other Chihuahua, cold intolerant. But, no worries, nothing a good sweatshirt can't resolve.


10 Cutest Chihuahua Mixed Breeds – Chi Chon

Chi Chon

Oooh, that furrrr, you people!

The last but not the least cute mix is that of Chihuahua and Bichon Frise. If you want a toy-looking pet, then this is what you need in your life. 

Although they are family and kid-friendly dogs, they need a lot of attention and affection as, when lacking it, they tend to become aggressive and start chewing or tearing things.

They make great watchdogs as they bark to draw attention.

Luckily for you, despite being furry, they don't shed excessively, but brushing them daily will keep their fur nice and tidy.

At the end of the day

Hope you got your daily dose of cuteness, but in case you haven't, do come back, as we will in due time update our list of 10 cutest chihuahua mixed breeds out there.

If you are looking for an unusual dog with cutest traits, Chihuahua mixed breeds are definitely to choose from. But, do bear in mind that they still are Chihuahuas, which means they need dog wear. Feel free to consult our Chihuahua We Love shop for any cute piece of dog clothing.

Have a great day, and remember ADOPT, DON'T BUY!


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I have. Mini husky and Chihuahua mix ,so I was told I would love to see if you have any pictures of one to compare thank you

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