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Your search for Chihuahua pajamas is finished. Our pajama collection has everything you need to keep your Chihuahua warm and comfortably sleeping. The pajamas are made of different materials and it is very important that you choose the right size for your little Chi. For this reason, each Pajama has its own Suize Guide.

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Chihuahuas spend most of their lives sleeping. For this reason, it is very important that they spend most of this time in something comfortable.

In addition to the beds that are very important for your chihuahua's sleep, pajamas are also an important factor in the quality of life of our little friends.

Our pajamas are such high quality and so comfortable that your Chihuahua will wake up all happy after sleeping. Since Chihuahuas have a higher tendency to develop environmental allergies, wearing pajamas at home can help in preventing them to collect allergens on the skin.

Another great fact is that your little friend will shed less while wearing pajamas.


Can you resist our CHIHUAHUA LUXURY DOG BATHROBE pajama? We know you can't. This pajama can also be a great costume for your little princess/prince. It bears the irresistible inscription "This dog loves to sleep".

The pajamas that are always in fashion are our Duck Printed Pajama. And if you want to have pajamas with style, then our Striped Pajama is our choice for you.

If you want multipractical pajamas, that can be perfect for sleeping as well as for wearing it daily, then look at our Chihuahua Rabbit Costume.